Some of the clever bits

UK Monowheel Team 

This wheel is the creation of a group of engineers in Lincoln & Nottingham.  We wanted a Design / Make project that was unusual & wacky, yet wouldn't cost the earth.  It had to challenge our skills, it had to entertain us, it had to be a social event.  Most of all it had to be FUN.  We thought Making it was good - but Riding it is a hundred times better !

Pete K, Tim M, Pete O, Kev SDrive SystemAcknowledgementsSuspension Bellcrank
The Team consist of Kev, Peter K, Peter O & Tim.  We've got over 120 drgs defining most parts of the machine (some of which evolved after we started to drive the thing).  We've a good spread of our own skills - and beg, borrow or steal the rest.  Actually we owe an awful lot of favours to Jim & Martin, and a lot of business across the country.